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Your Solution for Detecting Broken URLs Across Multiple Excel Sheets

Managing multiple Excel sheets containing URLs poses a unique challenge for website administrators and content managers. Ensuring the integrity of these URLs is vital to maintain a seamless user experience and a healthy website. Excel URL Validator emerges as an indispensable tool in this realm, offering a specialized solution for identifying broken URLs within Excel […]

The 5 Best Spreadsheet Software for Efficient Data Management

Spreadsheets have become an integral part of our personal and professional lives, helping us organize and analyze data with ease. Whether you’re managing finances, tracking inventory, or analyzing sales figures, having reliable and feature-rich spreadsheet software is essential. In this article, we’ll explore the 5 best spreadsheet software for efficient data management available today, each […]

How to import an XML Sitemap into Excel?

An XML sitemap is a file that lists all the pages of a website and provides essential information to search engines about the structure and hierarchy of the site’s content. This article will discuss XML Sitemaps and How to import an XML Sitemap into Excel. While XML sitemaps are essential for SEO, they can also […]

HTTP Status Code Checker for Microsoft Excel

HTTP status codes are three-digit numbers that indicate the status of a request made to a server. They are used by the server to communicate to the client whether a request was successful or not, and if not, why.This article discusses about HTTP Status Code Checker for Microsoft Excel The first digit of a status […]

How to find invalid backlinks in SEO link building reports?

When you’re conducting an SEO audit, one of the things you want to check for is invalid links in your link building report. Invalid links can hurt your website’s ranking and reputation, so it’s important to remove them as soon as possible. There are a few different ways to find invalid links in your report. […]

How to find Invalid website links in Excel Files?

Excel sheets are preferred as the to-go means when providing data that contains a lot of hyperlinks, for example – This can be an SEO report that contains the links that the SEO agency has built or it can be a list of links that a website is pointing to. There are many occasions where […]

Find Broken URLs within Excel Sheets in Bulk without VB Script or Coding Skills

An Excel sheet is a fantastic way to store data in a structured manner.If you are a webmaster/website owner,you will be familiar with URLs or HyperLinks; URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and it points to a Website or Webpage.Often you will have excel sheets containing these URLs in a separate sheet or mixed with Other data […]

Bulk Checking of URLs from Excel Sheets

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) has become a keyword today. SEO Professionals and People who use SEO Services will be familiar with Excel Sheets in which weekly or Monthly SEO Reports are provided. Offsite SEO Work involves creating Links pointing to your website,you will be provided with weekly or monthly work reports mostly in Excel Worksheets.As time […]

Find Broken HyperLinks within Excel Spredsheets in Bulk

Excel spredsheets can contain data of various formats including Strings,Date&Time,Numbers,Decimals etc.There are cases where the worksheets contain large number of URLs -for example:An SEO Worksheet. Example SEO Excel Worksheet containing URLs You may want to make sure that the links located within these sheets are Valid and not broken.Doing this manually for each Sheet located […]

How to Validate and Find Broken Links within Excel SEO Work Reports

SEO-Search Engine Optimization has become a common word today in the Industry.SEO Refers to the process of optimizing your website content to make it easily findable by search engines like Google,Bing etc.It also involves extensive Link Building. If you hire an SEO Firm or an SEO Freelancer to optimize your website, they will provide weekly […]