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How it works ?

Excel URL Validator works by Searching for all Valid URLS within all worksheets of an Excel Document.After finding the URLs it Checks the URLs for Errors and produces an Easily Readable report with the Detected Error eg:401,400,403 etc.The software is capable of processing Excel Files in Bulk all URLs within these Excel Files will be extracted and Validated;A separate Report will be generated for each file or optionally you can save a single report.

It is easy to use

The process of Checking URLs is automated to a great extent.You just need to Add the Excel Files,rest is taken care of.

Multiple Threaded Processing

Use of Multiple threads allows Fast Validation of URLs.

Bulk Process Excel Files

Excel URL Validator can Add all Excel Files from a Folder or Automatically Search for Excel Files within a Folder/External Drive.

Validate SEO Work Reports

Easily find Broken links within SEO Work Reports in Bulk.A separate Report is generated for each File.

Take a look at the Demo Video