Bulk Checking of URLs from Excel Sheets

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) has become a keyword today. SEO Professionals and People who use SEO Services will be familiar with Excel Sheets in which weekly or Monthly SEO Reports are provided.

Offsite SEO Work involves creating Links pointing to your website,you will be provided with weekly or monthly work reports mostly in Excel Worksheets.As time passes, some of these links might go offline due to reasons like

  • Website Going Down
  • Removed by Administrators due to Spam Complaints

It is always recommended to follow healthy SEO Practices recommended by Search Engines like Google and Bing

The task of periodically checking the validity of the URLs provided within these Excel Reports will be quite cumbersome,if you do it manually.This can take up so much of your time which can be used for productive work.This is where Excel Url Validator can help you

The tool streamlines the process of Extracting URLs ,Validating them and Generating Reports in a simple workflow.The Bulk processing capability makes the task much easier.

The software can Process Excel Files in Bulk.URLs from all worksheets will be extracted and added to the work Queue.Each URL will be checked for Errors like 404,405,505 etc .Separate clean reports will be saved for each Excel File along with the cause of the Broken Links.

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Sample Report Generated by Excel Url Validator
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