Find Broken URLs within Excel Sheets in Bulk without VB Script or Coding Skills

An Excel sheet is a fantastic way to store data in a structured manner.If you are a webmaster/website owner,you will be familiar with URLs or HyperLinks; URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and it points to a Website or Webpage.Often you will have excel sheets containing these URLs in a separate sheet or mixed with Other data in the sheet.Excel sheets can contain broken outbound links.This article will teach you how to find Broken URLs within Excel Sheets in Bulk without VB Script or Coding Skills

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) involves the process of improving the ranking of your website on Popular Search Engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo etc.If you have employed an SEO Professional or Agency they may provide you with SEO Link Building reports in Excel(.xlsx) format.This Report contains the links from different websites that points to your website.You might want to check the validity of these links often because as time progresses some of these links might be removed due to reasons like

-Spam Complaints

-Website going Down

Validating these links manually is a very hard task, as the links might be distributed in different worksheets or may be mixed with other data.If there are large number of excel sheets to validate, the task can get even tougher.

There are VB Scripts that promises to solve this problem, but if you don’t have any idea about coding or programming this can be a tedious process, as it involves manually writing code that can sometimes get too complex.

This is where Excel URL Validator can help you.You do not need to have any coding skills or programming logic to use the software.You just need to add the Excel Files you want to Validate and press a Button.You can find broken hyperlinks in excel sheets easily with few mouse clicks.

URLs from these Sheets will be extracted and Validated.Separate Easy to read reports including the Valid and Invalid URLs along with the cause of the Error(e.g.:404,505 etc) will be Provided.

If you have hired an SEO Firm, you can mail these reports to them to take the appropriate action.

The software is very easy to use and straightforward.Take a look at the Demo Video Below