How to find Invalid website links in Excel Files?

Excel sheets are preferred as the to-go means when providing data that contains a lot of hyperlinks, for example – This can be an SEO report that contains the links that the SEO agency has built or it can be a list of links that a website is pointing to. There are many occasions where these links become invalid due to reasons like the

  • The website going down
  • The article being removed due to spam or another reason
  • The link being redirected

How to find invalid website links in excel files with minimal effort?

If you have a large number of Excel sheets that contain an even larger number of URLs, how will you check the validity of these URLs and make sure they are still valid?

Doing this manually is very tedious and can consume a lot of time – You need to open each excel file, find the URL and check its validity manually using a browser. The answer to the above question is to use a software solution that can do this for you with minimal effort. Excel URL Validator is a tool that runs through thousands of such URLs, distributed in hundreds of Excel Sheets and provides clear excel reports of the Valid or Invalid URLs. This allows you to identify the invalid links and take proper action to get them fixed. Take a look at the below screenshot of the software in action. You can see how the links are visually represented as valid and invalid on the fly during processing.

how to find invalid website links in excel files
The software shows instant preview of the status of the URLs being checked

Add files individually / Auto-add from folders or Disk

The excel files may be distributed in different subfolders or even within a backup USB Stick or Harddrive. Excel URL Validator can search for excel files within sub-directories and automatically add them to the processing list. This removes the tedious job of adding the files manually from different subfolders.

The tool can process files individually or in batch from a folder

Clean and easy-to-read reports in Excel Format

Once the files are processed you can get a combined report or separate report for each file. The reports are clear and easy to read stating the reason for the same eg:400,403,500 etc. Have a look at the sample report below.

Example of a combined report with reason for the broken Excel URL/Link

The following are some common website errors you encounter when validating URLs with Excel URL Validator. A brief description of the error is also provided. More info can be found in this Wikipedia article

500 Internal Server ErrorGeneral Error that occurs when there is some internal error in the website
401 UnauthorisedThe user is not authorised to access the link
400 Bad RequestThe request sent to the server does not adhere to the rules specified
403 ForbiddenWhen attempting to access private resources in a website
404 Not FoundWhen attempting to access a link within a website that does not exist
501 Not implementedThe Server does not support the requested functionality
502 Temporary OverloadThe server is undergoing temporary traffic overload
503 Service unavailable The server is down due to some issue or maintenance

Excel URL Validator is intuitive and easy to use. The UI is streamlined; you can add many files and find broken links in excel. Have a look at the demo video below to see the software in action.

How to find invalid website links in excel files ?

Excel URL is available for Windows only. You can download the software from the link below